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• Control the activities of your Sims. • Select their outfits and choose their body structure. • Contains additional content like Up All Night, Life of the Party and Awesome Animal Hats. • Super crispy graphics. • Impressive soundtrack.


Go here and you will get full version Sims 4 free download for PC. Just follow the steps as shown in the video to get Sims 4 PC download for FREE. If you have any questions or issues with the download, then ask for help in the comments below and I will help really quickly or within 24 hours as I am always online.

That’s the word that will come to your mind if you have played any of the previous versions. And the lack of add-ons at the beginning before the cycle of releasing the addons begins makes it a lot more limited than the predecessors. Even the lot size that you get is limited and this becomes apparent when you purchase items with not enough room to place them in. I had to place some items outside the house because there was not enough room to place inside the house. I don’t know what the developers were thinking but this has seriously hindered the gameplay that we are used to. Still if you are an avid fan of the series then don’t hesitate in downloading Sims 4 free for PC from the links given on this page.

• Family tree and basements are absent. • Friends in this series cannot share beds • Absent of color wheel Final Verdict The gaming world is surely one that is ever greeted with innovations every day. The Sims is surely one of the games that has taken the world by a surprise. The ingenuity of its developers is something to be applauded. It is a game sims 4 free downlaod that puts everyday activity on your screen and much more, allows you to be in total control of the processes. You get to create your own human beings, get them homes, get them a house and dictate what they do in virtually every matter. The developers will however have to work more on getting a goal for the game.

We give you Sims 4 free download for PC. Use the instructions to get the full version of Sims 4 PC download from this safe & trusted site that gives free games.

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Now depending upon the mood your character is in there are many new interactions that popup for you to use. Using these mood swings interactions to your advantage is a good thing as you get rewarded for doing that. Some of the rewards give you temporary benefits and some of them give you permanent ones. So do not hesitate to use the new interactions that popup when your character gets moody.

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Suppose you are doing something like eating and someone comes over and wants to talk to you. In the earlier version your character would stop eating and start interacting with the other character that appeared. But now there is a difference, your character will not stop doing what it was doing before but continue to do that task as well as the new task that gets assigned when you have to interact with another character. Sounds interesting right? Download Sims 4 free for PC and start playing to see how these things work out in real in the game world.

The wardrobe has always had an important place in the series The Sims, and this episode rather honors its predecessors by offering a wide selection of clothes. Again, there’s something for everyone, and undecided minds will be delighted to learn that there are predefined looks that allow you to have the class in one click without going through the sapology box. Unfortunately, you can not save a style you create yourself in order to use it on another Sim.