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How could that work? The book reads pretty sensationally, almost like a comic book. That plus the hate spewed by Klan members, and their casual violence, makes it hard to read. I made it through the first third and then skipped to the end. Kennedy's brilliance, though, was in making the Klan ridiculous, exposing their secret passwords and rituals to make them seem like an overgrown boys' club. A nasty and dangerous one, but silly. At one point he had the writers of the Superman radio show include all the Klan's passwords in episodes about Klan-busting.

By the way, if this matters, I'm using an R4. I have that right now, and I'm perfectly fine with it, but multiple saves would be nice to have. I looked but couldn't find one. Oh, and, sorry if there's already a comparison. Gba exploader rumble. So, anyway, what features does it not have/are broken that 3 in 1 tool has, what games don't work on it that work on 3 in 1 tool, and what features (other than multiple saves) does it have (for a 3 in 1 user) that the original doesn't?

The Klan Unmasked by Stetson Kennedy. Stetson Kennedy is our nations No. 1 Klan-buster. He's done a painstaking and patriotic job in exposing the KKK. Fast-paced and suspenseful, the book is a gripping mix of eyewitness reports of Klan activities, accounts of Kennedy's clandestine information-gathering, and his efforts to report his findings to the media and to any law enforcement agencies that would listen. Kennedy is also known as a pioneering folklorist, a labor activist, and environmentalist. He is the author of the books: Palmetto Country, Southern Exposure, The Jim Crow Guide, The Klan Unmasked, and After Appomattox.

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The Klan Unmasked

Instead of sermonizing about the issue, Kennedy takes a very daring and practical approach and enthralls the readers with Klan-busting adventures. His work portrays the dangers of falling into the vicious business of hate-mongering very effectively and makes the reader think very hard about racial and social problems currently facing American society.

It's a fascinating read about a journalist who was sick and tired of of the KKK spreading its reach while government agencies sat idly. He took up the mantle himself by lambasting them in print, then getting his hands dirty by infiltrating under a fake name. He tells of learning the secret rituals and passwords and befriending the worst of the worst. He mentions the dozen or so times when things got bad and Half Martin Luther King Jr, half James Bond? That how Stetson Kennedy tells it anyway.

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Stetson Kennedy The Klan Unmasked

The Klan Unmasked © 1954 I Rode with the Ku Klux Klan Arco (London), l954 Morgan (Paris) 1958 University of Florida Press, l990 Talking Books, St. Augustine, 2010 University of Alabama Press, 2010 (Also in l7 foreign language editions.) In a fast-paced narrative that both repels and fascinates, Kennedy reveals the inner workings of the KKK from the perspective of an undercover agent in the post World War II era.