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I have no idea Do you ever read a book and become completely lost in the words and, ultimately, wonder what is actually happening? So, I go back and read the bits I may not have picked up or accidently skimmed over. This allows me to actually understand the book. I tried doing that with this, and I quickly realised that I still had no idea what was going on. The plot of this felt completely random, drawn out to the point of ridiculousness and the events, themselves, felt incoherent. I have no idea why most of the events actually happened in here, and at this point, I can honestly say that just I don’t care anymore.

The language has been amazing and the depictions of the world (and of childhood) are unparalleled and I’ve come away from each one with a changed view of the world that sticks with me fully for days, and remains in bits and pieces for the foreseeable future. They’re quotable and memorable and gorgeous and visceral and I can imagine rereading them immediately after finishing them. This book was NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Unfortunately my thoughts on this are inextricable from my listening experience, and double unfortunately that will never be corrected because I’m not going to reread this. (Or, really, read it for the first time.

And this gives me the opportunity to say that the spirit of the book was perfectly captured and transferred to the small screen (unlike other examples) and the expanded parts made the essence of the book even more significant, at least to me. As Wednesday and Shadow start a road trip in preparation for the war that is coming- a fight between the old gods, the values that created the country and the new gods that bring corruption and progress built in sand (yes, that is my personal conclusion.) - we, the readers, find ourselves on a journey that gives us much to think of. Is the old world a better place? Are the values that bring hope and comfort to the people to be destroyed by media, technology and the new World? I believe that each one of us can draw their personal conclusions.

–Therese Littleton –This text refers to the Paperback edition. From Publishers Weekly Titans clash, but with more fuss than fury in this fantasy demi-epic from the author of Neverwhere.

American Gods Neil Gaiman Pdf

Gaiman’s writing is both subdued and poetic. It is deeply emotional, but without a hint of melodrama. His descriptions are elaborate yet not drawn out. He tells a huge, complex, eternal story, one small tale at a time. I don’t know how else to say it, in this book Neil Gaiman took story telling and made it his bitch.

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Pci serial port driver windows 7 32 bit hp dc7800. This book has all the elements of a book I would enjoy. The creepiness factor is up there, the writing is brilliant, the main character is a big lug I couldn't help but love. Also, I have always been fascinated by mythology, so that's a plus. Shadow is our main character and he just got out of jail after doing his time of three years. Right before he is supposed to be released he is let out early, because his wife was killed, in apparently scandalous circumstances. The first 50ish pages were about the extent of where the book was interesting to me. Shadow meets Wednesday, and then the story turns into a bunch of mini stories and flashbacks, and I didn't enjoy most of them.