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Home → PressONE Customer KnowledgeBase → IPBlue VTGO Soft Phone → Installing and Configuring VTGO-Lite Softphone. Installing and Configuring VTGO-Lite Softphone. ] VTGO-PC-508 Accessible Softphone Function Description Document Version Table of Contents Document Description. Paginas para descargar software gratis. 3 VTGO-PC-508 Application Description. 3 Screenshots with Callouts.

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Maplestory bypass v 97 treadmill When the barge initiator hangs up, the remaining users receive a disconnect tone, leaving the original call in progress. When the user to whom the barge was initiated releases the call, the barge initiator and the other users get disconnected. Additionally, when a user other than the barge initiator or barge target releases the call, all parties disconnect.

54 Call Statistics To access Call Statistics, click the i button on the main interface of VTGO-PC during a call. This screen displays detailed call statistics for an ongoing call, and the network interface and IP address of the computer. Call Statistics also displays the following: CallManager: IP Address and Port number of CallManager to which VTGO-PC is registered Remote IP address: IP address and port of remote host on the other end of the call Compression: the codec being used and the frame size.

Vtgo Softphone Serial Number

ACD Login/ Logout, Ready /Not Ready, Queue Statistics. Vocalize inbound Caller ID (name) and CLID (number) using Text to Speech functions included with SAPI or JAWS. Page 3 4 Vocalize Call Park DN when user Parks a Call. Vocalize Call Back notification when call back notification is received. Vocalize Remote Answer Indication when a call is answered on a Shared Line. Provide Phone Status Messages vocalizing the lines in use, on hold, ringing.