Maplestory Bypass V 97 Tr

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May 01, 2013  [Release] MapleStory Bypass; Welcome to MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking. MapleStory v74 GMS BYPASS. By tommytty in forum MapleStory Hacks, Cheats & Trainers. Maplestory Gm Handbook V 97 Releases - Maple Story Server Releases can be found and shared here. Java LeaderMS v.62 /. Maplestory server restricted-bypass a. Europe [RLS] MSCRC bypass. Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by Tr!n!ty, Feb 2, 2011. Open maplestory open ce 6 attach it to maple. Jan 23, 2007  well this is how i bypass maplestory using ACtool macro thingy xD.

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Wild Hunter - + 20% Boss Damage. Blaster - + 20% Boss Damage. Battle Mage - +1 Att Speed First Line, 21 M.Att 2nd Line. Mechanic - +1 Passive Skill level or +1 Attack Speed Heroes Phantom - +50% Buff Duration Mercedes - + 20% Boss Damage. Aran - Lot of debate in the threads I found, some say Buff Duration, others 20% Boss, still others +30 Att.

(I can personally attest to this.) That being said, I should make note that buff duration does not affect decent skills gained through the V Matrix, but it does effect decent skills gained through Nebulites or potential. The level 200 skill, Echo of a Hero, is also not affected by buff duration. Another thing worth noting is that right now you can gain up to 130% buff duration as an adventurer mage, however this is subject to change in six months when GMS gets the KMS which replaces the old card system with the new Union system: Another thing to consider is how realistic it is to roll both Attack Speed +1 AND 38% buff duration. Attack Speed +1 is rare enough on its own; if you search around, you will find people who have dumped thousands of dollars (Or a metric fuck-zillion Mesos in the case of Reboot) into the game on miracle circulators and never once had attack speed +1 show up. Getting that AND the max amount of buff duration is incredibly unlikely. (But not impossible.) 50% buff duration on the other hand is actually a pretty common legendary inner ability roll.

Quality of life benefits aside, this means that I spend a lot less time rebuffing—this is important if you have a lot of buffs, especially when some of them (Magic Booster) have an obnoxiously long casting animation. (Having a pet or three with auto-buff will of course partially sidestep this problem.) Another important thing to consider is that buff duration affects link skills. This means that at level 1, Mihile’s link skill has 100% up time, and Angelic Buster’s link skill (you know, the one that more than doubles your damage.) lasts for 20 seconds instead of the normal 10. Timed correctly with Infinity and Epic Adventurer, the latter of those two makes for some really crazy spike damage while bossing.