Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 Serial Number Lookup

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My local pawn sport shop handles 'consignment' firearms and they did as was asked and appraised the several arms for the relative. I told the shopowner that day that I would be interested in the Remington Model 572 pump Rifle.

I wear a size 7 7/8 hat myself but my open sight useage with my 572 is not especially difficult. I have the Rifle right here now in my computer room and I re-checked the 'mounting' of the Rifle. Time after time I throw the Rifle up to my eye and the 'V' of the rear sight comes to the same place each time which is aligned halfway straight down the barrel to the front sight. THEN I scrunch up my cheek and neck to achieve alignment of the rear sight and the front sight. Just takes a second. The open sights are mounted VERY low on the Rifle. Still not much of an impediment.

Remington Serial number look up. To date the manufacture are reliable on Remington rifles. I have been trying to find out what model and when this gun had. Sep 05, 2012  according to the remington date codes, xy would be december 1930, which is not correct since they didnt start making the 572 fieldmaster until 1955. I does have a serial number stamped into the receiver so i know its after 1967 and would assume its 1978 except someone posted that a code of showing 78 was made in. Remington Fieldmaster model 572.22 Rifle. I picked up this model 572 Remington.22 and after cleaning it up. And I have one made in 64 with a serial number.

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Remington Society Forum to get a date of manufacture. Remington serial number records are not publically available to determine a date of manufacture some old gunsmiths have the info but are not publishing it publically ie the internet. Prices seem to be low 395 high 795 Jan 27, 2018 . Do you know what model it is? Beings it's a.22, I'm thinking it's a Model 4, but usually those were a 22 1/2' barrel length. 1890-1933 Total production - approximately 356,000 If it's a 'take-down' model, it COULD be a Model 6.

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