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Sonny with a chance snack cart-a-pult game. Yet while most musicians already know this, few do something about it. The truth is that most musicians have had very little ear training. And most have no clue what they are hearing. To make matters worse, ear training can be tricky. Musicians often joke that ear training is really 'ear straining.'

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Learn Perfect Pitch

The program is currently in its 3rd revision in its 28 year-old history. Features Here’s what the David Lucas Burge’s Perfect Pitch Supercourse contains: • 8 Audio CDs containing 24 sessions + 3 sessions on Perfect Pitch for Children • 1 Bonus CD (Disk #1 of the David Burge’s Relative Pitch Supercourse*) • 1 80-page supplemental handbook *This bonus CD is a ‘teaser’ of Mr. Burge’s Relative Pitch training program.

Plus you'll learn countless other essentials — like cadences, inversions, compound intervals, scales, etc. — all to build up your virtuoso ear for music. All of this practical knowledge and experience gets stored inside you — permanently — as you enjoy 41 Relative Pitch Ear Training Lessons, taught uniquely by David Lucas Burge (see details below). Why do I need Relative Pitch in order to have a great ear for music? Only Relative Pitch Gives You a Sharply Focused Picture of the Music Think of it this way: Without Relative Pitch, music can seem like a jumble of hazy tones and chords — like watching a fuzzy TV screen: Your experience of music WITHOUT Relative Pitch: With a poorly tuned ear, you receive only a blurred impression of the music; the details are lost. Though you can certainly enjoy the music to a greater or lesser degree, you don't really understand what's going on.

I got 100% of them right for 15 minutes of drilling and it was so clear to me that I couldn't believe I couldn't hear it before. Alas, the next night I couldn't hear them as well. Burge says that this is to be expected however, I screwed up and stopped doing the exercises soon after. I still can play the open notes of my guitar and tune them close to pitch without a reference most of the time. I can hear that a note is flat or sharp. I am close to level 1 of pitch color awareness and have a way to go before attaining the highest level.

Burge offers two courses, relative pitch and perfect pitch. You can purchase them separately or together, I paid $200 for both. This post reviews the perfect pitch course, my review of the relative pitch course is here: The perfect pitch course is geared for anyone who wants to learn to identify by hearing and sing any named pitch without referring to an instrument. You will also be able to identify chords, notes within chords and keys of pieces more readily without referring to anything but your head.

Perfect Pitch Supercourse Review Perfect Pitch by David Lucas Burge When talking about David Lucas Burge’s Ear Traning Supercourse (yeah, that’s a mouthful) it’s important to realize what it is and what it’s not right from the beginning. Though it can be a very helpful tool for singers, it is neither a singing course nor a musical theory course. Rather, it is a highly specialized course designed to train your ear in the art of perfect pitch. Many of the benefits of perfect pitch are especially apparent to singers, but this skill not just for vocalists.

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