The Witcher Enhanced Edition Romance Guide

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The Gossip The way to get this card is to either give red women's gloves(merchant outside Shani's house) or a diamond to the Gossip. Choose the dialogue whit the ' witcher in town', it may take several times to be able to give her the gift. Half-Elf Woman In order to get this cards you must enter the the door across from the warehouse in the Temple Quarter's slums at 7:00. In there you will find a thug, speak whit him and tell him you will help. After you enter the place where the thug at mark on your map, you will see a half-elf woman captive and the group off thugs will attack you. After you save her, she will tell you to come at her house( you can see it on the map) to give you the reward. When you are there make sure to choose the right dialogue in order to get this card.

The game will instruct you on how to dodge enemy attacks (something you wont be able to do for a while if you drank the Thunderbolt potion). A little more inside, you'll get another tutorial. This one instructing you on how to use the Group Style which is useful when you want to deal some crowd control.

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Kill everything and you'll find a wall that you can take down using your Aard Sign. Enter the tunnel and to find enemies and, most importantly, Raymond's body. Interact with his corpse and you'll update every available quest plus you'll get 500 EXP for finding the real Raymond. Leave the Crypt and Cemetery then head over to Shani's House. Talk to Shani and she'll tell you that she wants you and Dandelion together to reminisce.

The chapter ends with you getting a free pass to jail and 3000 EXP. The chapter opens up with Geralt getting put in the pen and the Proffesor being released. Talk to the elven convict on the corner and play some dice porker with him.

Deirdre Ademeyn You have to bring her 3 pieces of wyvern meat. ONLY 3 pieces exist in this adventure, so be sure not to consume them. The key to getting her card is speaking to her about wyverns only after all the other dialogue options have been exhausted, and Geralt has been polite and suppportive in each case. Then (and only then) should he present the wyvern meat to her hungry doggies, and she will lead on about batiste panties that princesses usually wear.

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