Sarutobi Vs Orochimaru Full Fight Sub Indo

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[[ fight with gaara naruto while fighting with Orochimaru Sarutobi are 8 chapters of the 80 fights and the third Hokage dies. TT-TT ]] tt-tt ]] Battle of the Sannin [[ _Orochimaru vs Jiraiya & Tsunade ]]. Naruto Vs Orochimaru [ Subtitle Indonesia ], Wahyu Blog's, Naruto Vs Orochimaru [ Subtitle Indonesia ]. Sasuke vs Sarutobi instead of Danzo on the. Orochimaru was able to drive Sarutobi into a corner and force him. Sarutobi was taught how to fight against.

  1. Orochimaru

Naruto used the chakra of the nine tailed fox. I think at one point, sasuke did kill naruto but the fox saved him. Sasuke used his curse mark to the full extent and went to second state. He looked way creepy. He had wings. Kumpulan cheat game psp.

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Sarutobi on the other hand was not one to conserve power that way. He would have fought Sasuke all out. Unfortunately age was tougher on Hiruzen than it was on Danzo. He was slower and had far worse stamina than he did in his youth, whereas Danzo seemed pretty okay(possibly because of Hashirama cells). Sasuke's speed on the other hand is remarkable and he was able to counter Ay - one of the fastest shinobi of all time.

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So basically it's immature, but massive power (amaterasu and Susanoo ain't no joke, yo) vs decades of experience and mastery in several kinds of jutsu and I honestly don't know how it would've ended. I would say Sarutobi would be at a slight advantage, but that's just me being a biased Saru-fanboy • • • •.

Nara's Shadow techniques or Akimichi's expansion), was in the possession of Hiruzen. There would definitely be surprises, and I truly think that the battle between the two would really be close and come down to nothing more than Hiruzen losing to chakra exhaustion. If Sasuke used arrows or anything like Ameterasu, or hell, even Kirin, Saru would dodge since it's implied he know Harashin, making the guy an even greater threat if he knows every non-Kekkei Genkai technique in Konoha. Depends on the age of Sarutobi. Same age as when he died against Orochimaru? Older because he lived? Any age that is either when he died, or older, I'm going to have to give to Sasuke.

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