Radom Model 35 Serial Numbers

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A Russian capture of a weapon does add a unique history to the firearm, but at the same time it does hurt its monetary value to collectors. Still, any Radom VIS 35 pistol collection would not be complete without one of these Russian captured pieces in it. Resource: German Handguns by Ian Hogg German small arms markings by Joachim Gortz & Don Bryans The standard directory of proof marks by Gerhard Wirnsberger Official guide to gunmarks by Robert Balderson Mauser military rifle markings by Terence Lapin Handbook of military rifle marks 1866-1950 by Richard Hoffman & Noel Schott History Writ in Steel by Donald Maus.

Radom Vis 35 Value

I am OFFERED BY a friend a F.B.RADOM VIS Mod 35 Pat.Nr 15567 ss marked. The safety of a Model 1911 is. VIS Mod 35 pat. Nr 15567 with a serial number of. Polish Radom VIS Model 3. Pistol (Grade III German Vis)GALLERY PICTURE ONLY. Model Serial Number. FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY P1. Overall G- VGSPECIFICATIONS.

This gun DOES have the stock slot though. Check this thread out for more info if your interested - http://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?t=17812. Polishmike, Thanks for the link. I do believe you have a unique factory Radom.

The lever to the rear of the grip frame is not a safety - it's a slide retaining latch to aid in disassembly. The slide release is just above the trigger on the left side. There is no manual safety; the design relies solely on a half-cock notch or the floating firing pin which allows safe carry with the hammer down. The decocker was put on the gun in response to a request by the Polish cavalry to help in operating the pistol one-handed; the other hand had to control the reins of a horse.

Radom Vis 35

I think that with both 'expert' authors claiming that the early German production SNs started at 001 without the letter, as illogical as that may be, it is probably reliable. Do you have the holster? I do and mine has the runic SS letters stamped inside. Sharpdesk 3.3 install. While I may know a little about the Radom P35, I know much more about the Holocaust, especially the connection Radom (the city) and the P35 have to it.

In 1925 an arms factory was set up at Radom in Central Poland to produce Mauser-style rifles. Five years later, it was decided to build a proprietary service sidearm, and all of the currently available arms were tested with the goal of adopting one—or of developing a pistol of its own. At the trials held in 1935 one gun came out on top: a Browning M1911/Hi-Power variant conceived by designers Piotr Wilniewczvy and Jan Skrzpinski. Undoubtedly nationalism played something of a part in the final decision, but the fact remained that the gun really turned out to be world-class. The 9 mm Luger Vis 35 was one of the highest-quality military pistols made before World War II. The materials used were the best, and the fit and finish were commercial-grade. Early guns were marked on the left side of the slide, “F.B.