Powerbuilder Ole Control Microsoft Web Browser

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Basically, the application uses the MS browser to display the page but behind the scenes, I am parsing the html file to extract specific information. Hope this helps.

The basic concept here is to embed an IE control in a window which I will then point to an HTML file on my webserver which then returns the graph to the window control. Download las aventuras de kaliman pdf The actual data is obtained from a JSON file which is a simple text file containing formatting commands and data values. In this example I am using a static JSON file.


Also, I have found that before focus is lost to the ole control, the user cannot scroll with the scroll keys or pageup/pagedown keys. I've tried just about everything I can think of, and trying to find this info on microsoft's site is nearly impossible. Thanks for your help. I insert a web browser control in my PB window, and I place a command button named 'New Browser' in order to open a new browser window, I set the code for clicked event of the command button as follows: oleobject lob_browser boolean lb_cancel = True ole_1.Event newwindow2(lob_browser, lb_cancel ) the result is NO any window was opened. What is the problem? In addition, How can I obtain the current URL when the browser is navigating? Thanks a lot.

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Is there a way around that? Thanks in advance. AFAIK, not -- the emssage is displayed by IE, not PB, and unless there is a global IE setting (which I am not aware of) to suppress this behavior, you're out of luck here. -- Roy Kiesler [TeamSybase] SDN CodeXchange -- Everyone, Not getting argument values in the BeforeNavigate2 or NavigateComplete2 events when the ole control is embedded on a window during runtime executable. Get the arguments running within development, but not at runtime. Using PB 7.03 build 10312. Noticed after some research, this is an on-again/off-again things with certain builds.

I have Delphi2006(32bit) application using a WebBrowser OCX. I write FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION/myapp.exe = 0 registry value to have highest IE rendering mode. Worked fine through WinXP-Win7-Win8-Win10(before latest patches). Latest patches made changes somewhere, now webbrowser canvas is blank but no errors anywhere. Interesting note it is still calling http request, see this debug from server access log.

I have a window with the Web Browser ole object in it. I'd like to close that window based on action taken within the Web page, without getting the IE message: 'The web page you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close the window?' Is there a way around that?

I was able to get all this working but my problem is that the user can just hit CONTROL+N and this will open up the normal IE program in a new window. Then the user can just go wherever they want to. I need a way to prevent CONTROL+N from opening IE. I have tried using pbm_syskeydown but it never gets called.

> > Any ideas?.

I'm using WebBrowser control in a window inside a PowerBuilder 11.5 application. Everything works fine on IE7 and IE8 but the application crashes in IE9 under Windows 7 when you select an item in a tag.

---== Posted via the PFCGuide Web Newsreader ==--- That is a very interesting use of the webbrowser control. Cisco anyconnect secure mobility client install error. I tried ti myself and putting *.bmp o. I have added an OleControl (Microsoft Web Browser Control) to a PowerBuilder application. I don't know how to access to its properties. For example, if the control is called ole_browser, I want to know the ole_brower.object attributes. One thing I want to know is how to change page footer and header for printing the browser with the execWb function (with PowerBuilder code).


The article points to. --------------915A9023C45E09 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Hello Everyone, I am running PB 5.0.

La memoria no se puede '%s'. EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - La instrucci n en '0x%08lx' hace referencia a la memoria en '0x%08lx'. La memoria no se puede '%s'. EXCEPTION_CODE_STR: c0000005 EXCEPTION_PARAMETER1: 00000000 EXCEPTION_PARAMETER2: 00000000 READ_ADDRESS: 00000000 FOLLOWUP_IP: mshtml!CDOMMouseEvent::PrepareEvent+5 8b39 mov edi,dword ptr [ecx] WATSON_BKT_PROCVER: WATSON_BKT_PROCSTAMP: 489933bc WATSON_BKT_MODULE: mshtml.dll WATSON_BKT_MODVER: 9.0.8112.16446 WATSON_BKT_MODSTAMP: 4fb58407 WATSON_BKT_MODOFFSET: 230195 BUILD_VERSION_STRING: 6.1.7601.17514 (win7sp1_rtm.1) There may be some incompatibility between PB11.5 and Windows 7 64 bit + IE9?