Moulinex Micro Filter System Deep Fryer Manual

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The new Expert Fryer by Moulinex features a patented ventilation technology and carbon filter system with a Semi -professional stainless steel deep fryer that. Microfilter System Our website offers other accessories and spare parts for MOULINEX Micro Filter System deep fryer. MOULINEX MICRO FILTER SYSTEM.

What cooking temperature should I choose for potatoes? We recommend limiting the cooking temperature for potatoes to 170°C (338ºF). Maintenance and cleaning How do I clean my fryer? • Let the fryer cool completely. • Pour the oil into a separate container. This is a good time to strain the oil or replace it with new oil.

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• As soon as the oil is heated to the proper frying temperature (Pilot light off). • Selected models include a multi-position thermostat that lets you choose between various cooking temperatures. The lower position regulates the oil at around 170°C / 338°F, the higher position at 190°C / 374°F.

Moulinex Micro Filter System Deep Fryer Manual

By signing up for the challenge on, Canadians can save more than $400 a month by using the tools provided by the challenge. It launched on September 15 and continues until October 13, and is designed by a Registered Dietician for optimal healthy eating. Each week we received a weekly grocery list and meal plan that makes grocery shopping easy and inexpensive, and the quantity of ingredients is listed clearly to eliminate any wasted food. We are told these meal plans will likely be available through Moulinex Canada’s website in the near future, but for now we have posted en example below as we found them so helpful. Do you utilize meal plans to help make your life easier? Our friends at also offer some very inspirational weekly plans, featuring different food bloggers from around the country. Be sure to check them out, too!

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• Add the salt or seasoning to accompany the fried food at a distance from the fryer to avoid it falling inside. Electric fryers are controlled by a thermostat which is designed to keep the oil at the right temperature to avoid it overheating and igniting, which makes them safer. Most deep fat fryers also feature a thermal safety cut-out system to stop it working if it gets too hot. Other safety features include viewing windows so the cooking food is visible, cool walls to keep the outsides from getting too hot, and locking lids that prevent oil from splashing out while cooking and reducing the risks of spills if a fryer is knocked.

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My food is not browning and/or it is soggy. A) The oil is not hot enough. If you have an adjustable thermostat be sure it is set at the proper setting for the food you are cooking.

We used with great success, but held WAY BACK on the salt in her seasoning mix (I mean 1 cup? Is she trying to kill us?). The Moulinex Expert Fryer is sold exclusively at, and retails for $249.99. As far as home fryers go, this baby is pretty much the Rolls-Royce, so if you’re looking at for a premium appliance that will deliver consistent, professional results, we would definitely recommend it. Moulinex Canada have been hosting a Get Cooking Challenge, giving an opportunity for Canadians to put down the take-out menu, reduce their calorie intake and eliminate food waste. By signing up for the challenge on, Canadians can save more than $400 a month by using the tools provided by the challenge. It launched on September 15 and continues until October 13, and is designed by a Registered Dietician for optimal healthy eating.

Commercial Fryer Filter Systems

Remove the burned particles at the bottom of the fryer (cooking residue) after each use in order to keep the oil in better condition for longer. Regularly change (*according to model) or clean the filter: if this is not done, the filter will become clogged and prevent water from draining off during use. Regularly clean your fryer according to the precautions for use in the instructions. What should I do with the used oil? Put the used oil in an air-tight container and dispose of it (consult your local recycling service as waste collection and infrastructure differ from one region to another. The ability to process recyclables varies depending on the local recycling service). Do not empty it in the sink.

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