Fn 1922 Pistol Serial Numbers A Prefix

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Fn 1922 Pistol Serial Numbers A Prefix

Along with the Walther Mod 4, shown in a prior post, also acquired this nice FN Browning 1922, serial 41990a. It is somewhat unique in that although p.

I know that the Germans re-configured the serial numbers to run in blocks of 100,000 with a letter suffix in late 1943 until the end of production in 1944. My understanding is that when the Belgians continued producing this pistol in late 1944 they used an 'A' prefix to distinguish the pistols made after liberation. So, my question is were the FN 1922 pistols utilized by various postwar German Police agencies made during the war of after? They seem to fall into the 1943 serial number range since they do not have an 'A' prefix. Is this perhaps a special postwar contract serial number run without the prefix letter?

Price:Was: $649.99Now: $549.77 Caliber:7.65MM (.32 ACP) Metal Condition:Very Good: light bluing wear at muzzle Bore Condition:Clean & Sharp Barrels:4 1/4 Triggers:Blued; Smooth Stock:Black Plastic Weight:24 Oz. Sights:Front: Blade / Rear: Fixed Extras:Includes (2) Mags & Leather Holster(Browning's Patent) Item Location:Sun Prairie, WI. FN ~ 1922 Pistol ~ 7.65mm (.32 ACP) Description: Used. This pistol is a post WWII built gun using wartime parts. The serial number's 'A' Prefix denotes this, according to an excerpt from Anthony Vanderlinden's book FN Browning Pistols.

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The original grips are in a box for safe keeping with the original mag so my daughter can have the complet package when I kick the bucket. Life is to short to not enjoy it to its fullest, and since I have not figured out how yet to take this Remington Rand with me to that happy hunting ground in the sky I will enjoy it on this side of heaven. Take your piece out and enjoy it with care, just take good care of it. It would be in my mind a sad thing to just put it away behind glass if you really love it. On the other hand if it is an investment for you and you are not rather fond of it, by all means put it away untill sold so it is in the best shape posible for the upcoming buyer.

My father has a 65 Superposed that is not salt wood, It could be something that came in mid-year but I always heard/read 66. For the Browning High Power Rifles, the salt wood was reported to affect a higher percentage of the higher grade guns and that the Safari grade guns were not as heavily affected because they got stocks from a different source.

Strange that such low numbered serial can date up to 65' in the 4 digits, you'd figure the serial numbers would range quite high due to many production rifles in the mainstream. Don't matter, this rifle is pretty well designed for sure, mounted a M8 3x on Talley bases, done some loading just have not done any shooting. May look for another this summer, it is a nice rifle.