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I thought the drop-down side was a tad noisy at first, but it has never affected either of my sleeping babies. I would have no issues recommending this cot to anyone. Great size, looks good, good quality. Because it is larger than a standard cot, some sheets can be a bit tricky to fit and need a little stretching (if buying the standard cot size sheets), or simply buy the Boori Sheets.

This cot is bigger then the standard size cots so you will need the right mattress, which we also purchased at the same store (advisable to purchase all at once). The base has two levels you can set as a bassinet or lower level according to the childs age.

Bertini Car Seat Instruction Manual. Australia for supplying the beautiful new stock of a Bertini Miko cot cot. Expert carseat reviews on the safest child.

• 1 Answer SOURCE: I finally found my instructions!! It's actually really easy to convert to a toddler bed: Step one: Take out four screws (two on each side) of the front railing and top bar. They are the screws holding the front railing and the top bar to the side of the crib and the dresser. Step two: Lower the mattress to the lowest setting.

Upon removal, the hard plastic has left a slight dent and scratch on the wood exposing the lighter wood colour underneath. Not a big deal but just like to mention that so others are aware and becareful when attaching anything to the cot. This is an amazing cot. Got a lot of compliments on it so we have recommended to our family and friends who are also happy with this product. Thank you IGC DOREL for this amazing product as well as other baby products we also own from your range. Will not hesitate to try or buy products from you guys in the future.

The wood material is magic. The reason being is that are are strong wood but if a child accidentally bumps slightly/hard into it, besides the loud bang sound and a shock face, no tears or cry as it did not hurt at all. This applies to both adult and child as it happened to me too so thats how i knew haha. It's still best to avoid baby from knocks or bumps though:o) Overall of the cot is very sturdy, heavy and stands strong. No wobbles even if you try. Easy to maintain as a simple wipe down is enough to clean, although the dust that gets caught in between the gaps are a little bit tricky as you have to clean individual ones.

Setting it up was a piece of cake so long you follow the instructions. So simple and easy. Disassembling is a no brainer too. Win-win situation when you already have so much things to do before baby arrive. On a safety level this cot stands out. The gap between the side rails/bras are wide enough so child's hands or feet can't get stuck if get caught.

Cot Instruction

Cot also comes with other matching furnitures like the drawers, changetable, bookcase, mattress etc. Best to buy directly from factory so you get the best deals. They also sell cute sheet sets, blankets and waterproof mattress protector to match with the size of this mattress.

Cabelas Cot Instruction Mauals

Snow This process couldnt have taken any longer if they tried. 2 weeks to assess the damage via photos, then another 2 weeks to send out a new side! All the while no bed for baby!!!!!!

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We set at the lowest level when litlle one started moving around. One side rail has the pulling up and down mechanism, for easy access to baby.

Click on that and you're good to go! Pages 10 and 11 are for conversions. If you have any further need, the number for LaJobi is 1-888-266-2848 and the number for Graco is 1-800-345-4109. Posted on May 07, 2009.