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I have been given conflicting information on the Optima Oasis Recovery Card product. I was told by one Amex representative that after a year you will be. The American Express Optima Card. You can't find information on the American Express web site about the Oasis repayment program or the Optima card. Amex in Collections.? Amex has a program called Oasis. The Optima card is the card that is offered in that program. The credit limit on the Optima.

My understanding is that this issue was one of the things that got them in hot water. Try going in writing to Amex with your request for an increased credit limit. If you don’t get a response at all, then it may be appropriate to file a complaint with the CFPB.

Worried they will try to sue me, I am willing to pay at settlement or worst case hardship. ( January 24, 2013 ) Charles, I have 2 Amex card, a personal platinum in great standing and my employer corporate Amex whom I am still employed. The corporate card was cancelled and relplaced by visa but an old recurring bill showed up on my Amex which I thought was resolved but wasn’t.

MY HOME IS ONLY WORTH WHAT I OWE DUE TO A REFI. ANY THOUGHTS ON HOW TO HANDLE THIS •. ( May 13, 2013 ) Robert, if your aim was to settle the account for a discounted lump-sum, then it’s often possible to negotiate settlements with agencies like Nationwide. But this would require a lump sum to settle with, which doesn’t sound feasible based on your financial circumstances. The agency’s job is to collect what they can, so $400/month payments would probably be very do-able on a $14k balance, as this would be around a 3-year payoff duration. You can just call the agency and ask what hardship program options they have available, but be sure to take your time and don’t commit unless you are certain you can perform.

MyFICO: TU 815, EQ 809 EX 801 Discover TU FICO 803. Encyclopedia of general knowledge by jahangir success series pdf. Rebuilt from 500's.gardening until mortgage time. I just spoke with a rep at a collection agency I did a PFD in May with. I have a deletion letter too. I called today and she pulled up my account and confirmed request to delete was submitted 6-1.

The problem is I don't own a business, so naturally I do not qualify. Question I have is, (1) can I call in an change this pre-approval to a regular, non-business Gold reward Amex card, and then make the (short/long) application. Will the recovery card have a negative impact on the application? I don't even have this card for more than a week yet! I remember years ago my sister owned a business and I was an additional card member on her account until she sold the business and close the account in good standing.

AMEX Green charge NPSL NFCU Cashrewards Visa Sig $25,000 NFCU Navcheck $15,000 AMEX Everyday $15,000 Discover IT $15,000 Amex BCP $18,000 Cap1 Quicksilver $5000 Amex Oasis Optima (recovery card) $500 (closed July 2014)10% util on NFCU, 25% util on Discover, zero on rest, 6% overall. MyFICO: TU 815, EQ 809 EX 801 Discover TU FICO 803. Rebuilt from 500's.gardening until mortgage time. I received the Oasis card and paid faithfully, in full, on time, each month for over a year. They cancelled my card and when I asked why - it was a dip in my credit scores.

Amex Optima/oasis Program

So judgment settlements in general tend to be on the high side. If you cannot reach agreement on a lump-sum settlement figure that is workable for you, it may still be possible to negotiate a stipulated payment arrangement over several years, and that would at least help you avoid surprises like a wage garnishment.

Amex Optima

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