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English and Punjabi? The topic of this post is the 52 Hukams of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh. The Sikh code of conduct, Rehat Maryada, is based on 52 hukams or edicts issued by Guru Gobind Singh in 1708 at Nanded before Guru Sahib re-joined God.

This entry was posted in on by ov 585 days ago The Reht Maryada based on 52 hukams or edicts issued by Tenth Guru Gobind Singh in 1708 52 hukams of guru gobind singh ji in punjabi pdf Nanded and sent to the Sikhs living in Kabul and Hazoor Sahib. Saak guroo Sikhan sang hoath - Do not be proud of riches, youthfulness or lineage. Sugandh kasam sahu dae kar itbaar janaaoun vaalae tae yakeen nahee karnaa - Have no faith in oaths sworn by one attempting to convince another of sincerity.

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52 Hukams Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji


Do the scriptures say that? Only those are 'sinners' who don't make an effort to live the Gurus teachings The part about striving for sovereignty is a part of the Gurus teachings. Do the scriptures say that? The Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji talks about how the biggest 'Sin' is to forget God, and not follow the teachings of the Guru, which includes freeing ourselves from our Ego which manifests in Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment, and Pride. The concept of 'Sin' is very different in Sikhi, compared to religions. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not a literal rule book that gives you a checkbox of what's right and wrong.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Shabads

6) Gurbani dae arth Sikh vidhvana tuo parrhnae- Learn the meanings of Gurbani from Sikh Scholars. 7) Punj Kakaar di Rehat drirh kar rukhni - Follow the discipline of the 5 K's strictly. 8) Shabad da abhihas karna - Practice Shabad Gurbani in life. 9) Sat-Saroop Satgur da dhian dharna - Concentrate on the True Guru (God). 10) Guru Granth Sahib Ji noo Guru mananaa - Accept Guru Granth Sahib Ji as Guru. 11) Kaarjaan dae arambh vich ardaas karni - At the beginning of a task, perform ardaas 12) Jaman, maran, ja viah mokae Jup da paatth kar tihaaval (Karaah Parsaad) kar anand sahib dia punj paurian, ardaas, pratham punj pyaariaan atae hazoori granthi noo vartaa kae oprunth sangat noo vartaaouna - At birth, death, or marriage ceremonies, do Japji Sahib, make Karaah Parshaad, do five stanzas of anand sahib, do ardaas, and then distribute Karaah Parshaad to the Panj Pyare, the Granthi, and then to the sangat.